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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

touch down and heartstrings

so a year ago today we touched down in Addis Ababa around 730 am. We made it through the Visa line, got our luggage, exchanged money and went through customs...and waited. I remember getting off the plane and smell in the intense smells of diesel. Our ride to the guest house had not yet arrived. A wonderful driver for the Hilton allowed us to use his cell phone several times. We were picked up about 45 minutes later and made our way to the guest house in time enough to breakfast,then crashed for a little while. We were then taken to the post office shops to look around and tour a bit around the capital. The next day we visited Trees of Glory- i need to link to that post for tomorrow :)
It feels like it was yesterday.....i can't believe its been a year
I feel that maybe the emotion of this anniversary and the transition i am literally making this week of leaving teaching for an unknown time, Sam finally being out of casts *for good* (we hope) and as we get closer to becoming formally matched with the little girl who has captured our hearts just has my mind and heart going in all kinds of directions. The new agency we are using is no longer taking applications for their Ethiopia program. They are now focusing on the waiting children they have and the families who have already applied and may be waiting for upwards of 18 months for a referral of a healthy child/infant. The director of the program has been great with communicating with us....we have had many questions and we are researching issues of adopting out of birth order, older child adoption and other special needs. The director has interviewed me, and then john and then us together to really help us understand concerns about this adoption and what it will mean for our family. She has given us the green light to move forward with our homestudy (which we would need regardless) and that after our visit with our social worker we can be matched with her.....while we wait for the HS to be written and to send in our immigration paperwork. Our match with Sam was very much the same. We were permitted to request to go to committee for him before the HS was written, but after it had been underway. I believe we started our HS in May 2010, was matched June 2010 and our HS was ready July 2010. In this way our HS will be more specific to being approved for a WC, with special needs, out of birth order it won;t have to be changed later. Just in case something happens with this referral we will probably have our HS be open to children aged 1- 8years old....big age range- but i wouldnt want to have it amended later..... 

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