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Friday, May 4, 2012

Can't keep a good man down....

or in this case a newly-turned 4 year old with two casts....seriously this boy DOES*NOT*STOP. Hes crawling and trying to walk on his casts then complains that it hurts...hes scooting all around and climbing on the couch....i fear he may be doing damage to the sutures or pins....and there is no way to tell, its all wrapped up in these big hard, orange casts.
Its been alot of Sam-Mom time...which is always great for our attachment- but its getting stressful for Sams attachment to his brothers and John. Sam has gotten quite used to the "mommy and me" dynamic so in the evening when John and Gabe are home Sam gets irritable and insists that they are "bad guys" and need "time out"- its frustrating because i need him/want him to be close to Gabe. Gabe was home sick yesterday, so i thought the one-on-one time between they two of them would be good. Not so much....they bickered and argued and competed over everything. The issues is that Sam refuses to take direction or receive help from Gabe....Gabe helping Sam with the race car track or with a puzzle leaves Sam yelling at Gabe for his perceived interference. I try and explain that Gabe is a helper- Gabe helps Sam....I think Sam started to understand as they tried their 2nd puzzle. Sam throws these little pouty fits...not really loud at all- just shuts down, and grunts/pouts. This grunt noise that he does has topped my "most annoying sounds list" in a big way.
In other news- i have some job interviews for next week. They are for two different schools. I am ideally needing/looking for part time work. Although John would like me to stay home, i just think if we are going to fund another adoption as well as home repairs and a new-used car for john then i need to work part time.
I applied to a different high school in my district b/c they had an opening for a specific program i am interested in. It would be full time- not ideal. But i know the principal, and hes a great guy.
The other interview is with an alternative school- it is part time and i would be working in an intervention program with students who have different learning disabilities. This interests me greatly, fits my part time schedule and is a pretty great private school. Both are great prospects and would hopefully help me refine a research focus :)

In even *other  news*....i will be getting my hair did!!! i am excited. Hair cuts are something i cut out to save $ plus i wanted to grow mine out....two years later i have had only two actual hair cuts in that time...just trims. Today i am getting a trim too BUT am getting red color! excitement

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