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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just when i was starting to scour my emails tofind the immigration case worker- we got our I17H! Our dossier was officially accepted by Holt on October 12th and now this completes everything! All we do now is wait, work , plan, save and get one more round of shots....oh wait, and buy airline tickets (of course that wont be until we get the email/call about a court date) feels like such a long time, but really its just been since May- 6 months of compiling paperwork,interviews, committee meetings and forms upon forms to be notarized. I am hiping for an update on S soon. We havent seen new pictures since mid July...ugh

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dossier is on its way!!!

This evening we finally got the dossier, and copy off to HOLT. I finally feel like we have everything we need we just wait and wait...and plan :) Our family book will, hopefully, soon get to Little Man S. We haven't gotten any updates since mid July though :( I am hoping for one any day now. School and work has been busy and stressful. However, I did get a 97.5% on my first paper this semester! Gabe and John have been doing cubscout stuff, very cute.

Friday, October 1, 2010

progress and more!

Well well in the last two weeks we have made progress...fingerprints in, immunizations started, dossier set to go- and it shall be sent out tomorrow/Monday. I am waiting for my social workers notarized liscense...they gave me unnotarized copies which did me no good- I was told i could not get them notarized as pertaining to me b/c my signature wasn't on them. Ugh....needless to say the agency is an hour and a half away. They are being overnighted to once they are here (tomorrow) they shall be copies and then put in our big dossier package and OFF IT WILL GO!! sosos happy finally to get it out...HAPPY OCTOBER! Its my favorite month of the year, and not ponly because of my name heheh.
Also our fundraising shirts are on the way :) plus more coffee....the next thing we are getting ready for is our Halloweenie Roast!