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Friday, September 10, 2010


Hi all and happy FRIDAY! We are kicking off the weekend with our t-shirt fundraiser
We are having a t-shirt sale to fundraise for the newly required 2nd trip to Ethiopia, additional airefare aint cheap!!!. Shirts come in S, M ,L, XL and in one of three designs- one is more manly (but i still like it) and one is kinda more femine, the blue.teal is in the middle :)

There is Simply Love Choc/Teal (womens vintage fit)

Simply Love Black/Teal (more unisex)

Simply Love "Man Up" in a darker army/muted green and red

I am attaching the three designs. Prices are $25 and I accept pay pal. My pay pal account is through "" or you can link to it though the donate button on my blog- over there to the right!!!. In the comments make sure to tell me what size and design.

I need to place an order of at least 25, so I will probably go ahead and pre-oder mainly mediums, larges and XLs. Let me know what "man" size you may need (I will probably preorder alot of XLs) AND of course let me know which of the 3 designs you would like

ALSO- On Oct 23rd, a Saturday, we plan on having a fall family festival "Halloweenie Roast" (plus maybe marshmallows and a haunted candy trail)- an EVITE will follow. I will have shirts by then, as well as some more information about the adoption process in general (we are going to a conference in Atlanta the week prior and will have a good deal of information for people interested in a variety of countires), information on possible court dates and Ethiopian coffee for sale too. BRING THE KIDS! It will be 5-9pm, with dinner-snacky foods and other things.

Thanks for all your support in this huge endevor

Saturday, September 4, 2010

16 days til finger prints

Hi hi- i have been going through dossier materials this morning and realized I need a new copy of my employment letter, and can pick that up next week. Otherwise, its time to get it all notaorized, copied and packaged up. I think I am going to follow what another family who is doing the WC child program with Holt and send in the dossier right after we get our finger prints so they can review and we will send the 171H as soon as we get it.
Other siwe we are just waiting...i am folloiwng one awesome blog with a new little 2 year old who just got home last week...and now realize that we must have a plan for our "wooshas" (dogs) since our Little Man S will most likley be afraid of them.
I am not sure we have mentioned this, but we plan on using the name Micah. Not sure if it will be a middle name or his first name. His S name was not given to him by his family or even the nuns who love him so. It wasgiven to him by the police officer who found him. It is important b/c it is what his caretakers know him as- but we want him to have a name from his *family*. We will see how it goes. For today WE ARE GOING TO GET ETHIOPIAN FOOD!! mmmmm mmmmm good!