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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Non-update update and photos

Another week has passed and , well we have yet to hear about court. We are so  wanting a date in March!- Well i wanted a date in February....but thats not happening. In the mean time we are getting the house somewhat set up, and trying to plan out school for next year . I am in Florida for a conference and to see friends and family :) Anyhow, I have some time to post pictures- some of Sam, some of the house and tortoise.
Several are from my friend Manda's wedding.

Sam at Mardi Gras festival 

Dresses for K's birthday

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Your next update should be....

I have been trying to carve time out to blog and record how we are doing as a family, how we are preparing for another addition- the goings on of our lives. However, I am just too busy and/or exhausted from all of the 'goings on'- that I just cant muster up the small amount of energy needed. We are busy and I think I may be reaching my breaking point. We have moved into a larger house, closer to John's work, on more land in a better neighborhood. I have not moved in over 8 years. This means I had eight years of stuff, of weird boxes and odd mismatched furniture, of two closets of clothes, two wedding dresses, tons of baby stuff. Add to that all the things Gabe, John and Sam have accumulated, and the animals' belongings, and just STUFF!!! Slowly, we are finding our new normal within our new house. We are still in the clean up phase of the old house and tying up loose ends and red tape for what happens with the old house; (long story involving a horrible appraisal and a realtor who was sick for the first three weeks of our relationship- and couldn't get the listing up fast enough)
Anyhow- the kids like the new house lots, as do I. We have a funky looking cute goose who hangs out by our pond- she has been slighted by the larger flock that comes and goes from our property. Anyhow- we call her Widget and shes spunky and funny. I hope she doesn't get mean; that's what I have heard about geese. We also have moved our big tortoise over- Isadora. Shes so cool- and friendly and *fast* for a land tortoise, plus our dpgs are frolicking about their new yard. Its a zoo. We have a great big shed and a smaller brick garden room so we are researching the possibilities of goats and/or a pot bellied pig :)
Ok other news- we should be hearing any day about court. We both spoke with our case worker with WHFC and she still does not get updates about our paperwork- which I am just having to find a way to be content with. However, shes thinking any week now we should be notified about our court date. The excitement is finally building and now that we have the new house- my nesting sense can take over. It was K's 6th birthday last week, so I went to a nicer consignment store and bought several dresses and outfits :)We are getting her bed room set up.
John continues a big commute to work- but its working out ok. Its his birthday today! We have had a very stressful event happen to John and Sam yesterday. John was pursued by a crazed driver who had a gun, a block away from a middle school, at 7:35 a.m. in the morning. This man shot into Johns car, while Sam was there- no one was hurt but we have all been really shaken up. It didn't really hit me until last night- when John was out with a friend to kinda decompress while i put kids to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and he wasn't home. I was in such a fog and just upset- this weird tension and frustration just took over. I couldn't sleep all night. Needless to say we are trying to move past this. The man got away. John was so concerned about the seeing if he was hit or, God forbid, Sam was hit- that he wasn't able to get a plate number. I am just so sick of constant gun violence - nationally, locally, affecting my community and now my family.
Moving on- I am in a busy time for school- research and presentations, papers are underway. I am prepping for my comps and dissertation proposal. I am also working with a new STEMs charter school that is opening this fall. New opportunities with this school are exciting to think about.
Sam is doing well in school- for the most part. Gabe is doing super well in school and fencing. He is working on his "nice big brother" skills- those seem to come and go. His MAP test scores were great. We are still not sure what school he will be attending next year- our new area has several lottery magnet schools, theres an interesting charter school down town we could go for or we can request a transfer to a more traditional elementary that several other friends attend. We have to work this out soon
....but for now- ssssssleep