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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pictures Pictures FL trip Jan

I love this picture!
It was warm enough for the beach!!

Sam and Gianna- oneo f my best friends :)

Baby Weasely- we are fosetring this little guy, and almost lost him to parvo and coccidia, he also has ricketts :( Hes really making a combeack

pictures pictures pictures December!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MIA for a while

hi all...whew its been so long since I posted- so much going on. The holidays were lots of fun, lots of stress, well- not too much but just enough to feel a bit overwhelmed. I got to visit my friend Gianna and my mom/step dad in Fl for new years. I took Gabe and Sam down all on my own. It was lots of fun and we got to actually swim in the beach a few times since it was so warm. Since our trip, and my return back to grad school and teaching after winter break, i have found myself super stressed out. I just feel i need to seek out a new job soon. There are some stressful issues and challenges my school is facing and it seems to be a real "when it rains, it pours" moments. Things just seem to be getting more stressful and unhinged. I love my kids though, for the most part. I actually adore my freshmen this year- this is the first time i have ever said that. They are the best class of freshmen i have had,. There have been hiccups and issues with certain kids but nothing like i have faced before. So i wouldn't want to let them down but having to leave. I also really like a few of my co-workers, and wouldn't want to leave them up the proverbial creek. I have just really faced some issues with professionalism, equity and most recently my out-right safety and the safety of my students. Even John says hes surprised I am still there. Next year i will really need the time to do more research, so working part time is the best for my situation.
SAM- is great and frustrating at times, but mainly wonderful. He is not really making the gains i had hoped in his preschool. He doesn't seem to recognize many letters at all and his English seems somewhat stifled, but still making slow progress. He knows some colors and can identify numbers  of objects up til 3 or 4. I wish i could stay home with him more for one on one teaching time (yet something else that tears at my conscious about working). Sam took a big break with his casts but is back in them. Our goal is to get his right foot to neutral and then proceed with an additional surgery on the left. I am having the casts taken off for the weekend of February 11- we are going to Greatwolf Lodge! I am super excited.
Gabe- has been recommended for advanced ELA for next year and is doing well. He has had some issues with a bully at school who tried to fight him/hit him- but Gabe has been able to get past this. The boy who was/is the bully has been suspended. Gabe has been doing more sleepovers with friends and just being an 8 year old :)

I am trying to juggle everything- we are fostering a malnourished, very sickly little pit bull puppy who's bringing me lots of joy.  A big part of my heart would love to work with veterinarians again- my first love :) I just feel so torn as to what to really do with my school/work situation. I feel i am not able to be the best teacher i can be with other anxieties from school plaguing my mind, but I am really enjoying my students .