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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Silver Lining

Its been a whirlwind of emotion- the last 24 hours. We emailed our agency on Thursday and asked some of the assistants to ***please*** look into what is going on with our case- to please go directly to the court and find out. Of course we were expecting to be told something along the lines of the delay is b/c something is missing and they researching documents, or that we are "just waiting", or even maybe be ignored until next week when they usually communicate about court issues (Tuesday). NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS DID I EXPECT A PHONE CALL AND EMAIL SAYING WE ACTUALLY DO HVE A COURT DATE!!!!
MAY 27TH!!!
I was in the library with a student, about to leave to go volunteer with the fashion show (which was so fun and great celebration)- I couldn't even get John on the phone...he was planting trees (hehehe dont ask) then in a I called my friend Gabrielle, then Laurie in Oregon....then my mom THEN John called me crazy!!
We will be flying in out in three weeks from tomorrow - i am going crazy trying to research airfare...only to find my debit card has a secuirty protection of not allowing me to spend more than $1,800 at one time...and I can not get in touch with any travel agent....i dunno what to do...guess i gotta wait til Monday to speak with my bank or try and buy tickets seperatley....lordy lordy lordy my mind is goig crazy!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I have delayed my post from Wednesday because things have been a hectic mess. We still have not recieved a court date, I think our case has been waiting nearly the longest- since January- of course we were resubmitted in March. But our hearts and minds have been expecting a court date since January- its hard to digest. We still do not have any clear reason as to why- why families submitted after us are now getting court dates but we are not. I was a wreck Wednesdayafternoon , and to top it off I had rescue transport to do from the vet- both families requesting records, confused about deposit refunds and stressful mix up of what was going to which family....its frustrating being the foster parent of the fur-babies and not always having everything i need...but i think my expectations for myself are too high sometimes....if things dont go just right i get annoyed and just dont want to deal with people's expectations that i can't meet. - long story. To worsen my week, a former aquiantence/friend of John's spent two days harassing me via FB and the phone based on my stance about dogbreeding and animal rescue....a post that was never even said right to directed to her- and it was a nightmare for two days...i never even reponsded to her posts but they kept 6 or 7...then private messages,...then phone calls...then messages to my husband. i felt like high school but this was coming from a grown, slightly disturbed woman, so i was actually fearful she would just show up at our house....very odd....then the horrible thunderstorms and was too much...there was no sleeping to be had Wednesday night.
I am working today- but not in my class...i am visiting with my homebound girls and getting ready for a wonderful diversion of the RUNAWAY RUNWAY fashion show (i am a volunteer) hosted by the Columbia Design League- this is the kind of diversion I need. Plus our foster Minpin- Mia has a potential adopter that I am processing this weekend :)
The week will end with a silver lining...after turbulence, lightening, thunder and tornadoes....both in my heart and in the sky.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its not Tuesday

Well, its not the usual Tuesday with news from our agency. There was no court update spreadsheet forwarded to our agency from Ethiopia. This, I hope, is due to the Easter holiday and we are praying and hoping that there will be news tomorrow.
I had two big projects due today and a puppy transport for the rescue I volunteer I have been pretty busy.....i am so looking forward to some peace and quiet this weekend with no pressing deadlines/obligations.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Casa De Perkins-Crowley

John and I have spent the majority of the morning and afternoon preparing for our annual Easter egg hunt- cook out. It usually is an Easter Egg Hunt- Brunch but we wanted to have it later in the evening and have a "dark, flash-light Easter egg hunt" since our kids are getting bigger, we will have a little egg hunt for the 3-5 year olds....i am making a special kind of pear and Gorgonzola cheese salad, 7 layer dip, turkey- brats, turkey hot dogs for the kids, we have chips, juice,and a big egg-shaped some wine and cheese :) sweet German whites today (yesterday was a Spanish malbec), roasted asparagus and kale (with balsamic, soy and sea salt), curry coleslaw , and of course, candy!

 Despite not getting a court date, this has been a great week. My graduate courses for the semester have ended, my intern's last day was yesterday, we are getting to a great part of the curriculum for the classes I teach and the weather as gotten really nice.
Being positive and happy makes the time go by faster.....its almost Tuesday again!
It was reassuring learning, last Wednesday, that there was nothing missing and our file is still just waiting for a court date. I am hoping and praying and always thinking that this Tuesday will be for us!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

so adorable i have tons of pictures to stare at. Poor little S looks annoyed at whoever is taking the pictures and having him "perform"....he doesnt seem to know what to do with the tricycle....but hes trying!
heres some cuteness!
                                                                             Sweet Smiley Boy

Tricycle Time


We got like 22 pictures today! It took two emails from HOLT to send them all.....its so weird because I had a dream that i got 22 pictures,,,,how weird?

...i wanna cut some pictures of his cute special shoes and hands...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Its Tuesday ....again

Hoping and praying for news of a court date and updated pictures

Sunday, April 17, 2011

distractions pretty hot delightful 7 year old sun....movies....craftystuff....friends. All these wonderful distractions have entered my life and made me feel a sense of fulllness that i , so often, must be reminded of. They aren't really distractions- it is that i must remind myself that i have.  Yes, there is a little boy (is he nearly 3...a little over 3?) waiting for us on the other side of the world.... but i feel we are in such a holding pattern that i am unable to stay preoccupied with our newest additon. Part of me feels that if we just start to ignore this "waiting with anticipation" that it will miraculously happen and we will get a court date.....and some pictures (i hope)
we were told our family book was sent/recieved in Ethiopia and i asked if there is some way for them to take pictures of S when the book is delivered.....i really am hoping to see some updated pictures of this wonderful little boy and start to make travel arrangements.

Monday, April 11, 2011

prayers, hopes, "good vibes"- whatever you have

Tuesday our agency tends to give out the court updates and such....heres to hoping and praying we are given a court date tomorrow!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

One year ago

One year ago we formally applied to the HOLT WC Child program and received S's file....he was the first one we requested and we lingered on his beautiful eyes and his little old man hair line, pudgy belly and gorgeous eye lashes....we waited a couple of  months and as we finished up our home-study interviews, we thought that it would be a good time to request to "go to committee" for him....that was last June. We hope that we will be able to see him before an entire year has gone by since our formal "match".... i know it will happen soon, but "soon" seems to take eons to get here. I just looked back at his first photos...the pictures we have date back to January of 2010- he was adorable but looked so concerned about something, worried....we haven't had a photo-update since December....but are hopeful some will be coming soon- again that feels like eons. I am remaining positive and grateful, trying not to get too anxious about all the drama concerning the slow-down, new processes or government shut down. Its hard, though. I know i have so many families dealing with the same things we are, the delays and confusions and frustrations, and that is helpful. I guess misery does love company, afterall.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

I am on spring break from my work, but am planning graduate classes for the summer and fall. I am getting the motivation to go to USC and get some of my student surveys processed. Lots to do-...i did take a little break- up to Asheville and hungout thre for a night, did some shopping around at some very quaint local stores and ate at two of my favorite restuarants- they are both slow-foods "farm to table"
Early Girl Eatery
The Laughing Seed

I also went to one of my favorite book stores - Malaprops
 I purchased two books for Gabe/S 
I bought the 20th anniverssary edition of "Heather has Two Mommies" - which profiled many different *different* types of families- gay/lesbian parents, divorced/remarried, adoptive etc
 and a book about "How did that get in my lunch box?" about where food comes from and profiles some globalization issues of food.
I also bought some Tibetan Buddhist Prayer flags for Gabe, since he wanted some for his room. We are quite a multicultural its pretty fun. I think this Sunday may be a day for Ethiopian food and a trip to Charlotte's Discovery Place....they have a special exhibit/program on Race and Racism

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hmm this is odd

So its pretty bad that i am just now looking at growth charts to plot S's growth. We are kinda his estimated age of 3 he is not even on the charts for height....33 inches tall. He is at about 45% for weight. I didnt realize the height issue until right We thought he was younger than stated...but with being several grid lines below the 5% average for height, i dont think he is quite 3...or maybe he just turned 3....even so, hes way way below for height....hmmm

photo share

We sent a photo book to our agency in hopes that it would be sent down to S's care center....our program director said she would be able to send it....lets hope it makes its way to S
Here are some photos i included

MUD RUN!! (Marine Corps Fundraiser...they had a kids mudrun...Ross and Gabe went crazy) Some of the house and some from when Gabe and Ross visited an historic ship....wanted to share here...since i rarely share pictures it seems