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Sunday, April 17, 2011

distractions pretty hot delightful 7 year old sun....movies....craftystuff....friends. All these wonderful distractions have entered my life and made me feel a sense of fulllness that i , so often, must be reminded of. They aren't really distractions- it is that i must remind myself that i have.  Yes, there is a little boy (is he nearly 3...a little over 3?) waiting for us on the other side of the world.... but i feel we are in such a holding pattern that i am unable to stay preoccupied with our newest additon. Part of me feels that if we just start to ignore this "waiting with anticipation" that it will miraculously happen and we will get a court date.....and some pictures (i hope)
we were told our family book was sent/recieved in Ethiopia and i asked if there is some way for them to take pictures of S when the book is delivered.....i really am hoping to see some updated pictures of this wonderful little boy and start to make travel arrangements.

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