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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Silver Lining

Its been a whirlwind of emotion- the last 24 hours. We emailed our agency on Thursday and asked some of the assistants to ***please*** look into what is going on with our case- to please go directly to the court and find out. Of course we were expecting to be told something along the lines of the delay is b/c something is missing and they researching documents, or that we are "just waiting", or even maybe be ignored until next week when they usually communicate about court issues (Tuesday). NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS DID I EXPECT A PHONE CALL AND EMAIL SAYING WE ACTUALLY DO HVE A COURT DATE!!!!
MAY 27TH!!!
I was in the library with a student, about to leave to go volunteer with the fashion show (which was so fun and great celebration)- I couldn't even get John on the phone...he was planting trees (hehehe dont ask) then in a I called my friend Gabrielle, then Laurie in Oregon....then my mom THEN John called me crazy!!
We will be flying in out in three weeks from tomorrow - i am going crazy trying to research airfare...only to find my debit card has a secuirty protection of not allowing me to spend more than $1,800 at one time...and I can not get in touch with any travel agent....i dunno what to do...guess i gotta wait til Monday to speak with my bank or try and buy tickets seperatley....lordy lordy lordy my mind is goig crazy!!


  1. How exciting!!! Can't wait to hear that you are on that plane!

  2. Yes....a crazy ride it has been??! So so glad to be on the roller coaster with you...:-)

  3. so glad you got your date, and that it's right around the corner. awesome!