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Saturday, May 18, 2013

At a loss

I have been MIA. No news on the adoption front. Although we haven't expected much news until we are submitted. Anyhow, there have been some setbacks and tragedy here. I have been working with a group of people in development of a new charter school. We are set to open this August. The first person I met regarding this venture was Nathan, the executive director for the school. His charismatic passion and drive were contagious. We met weekly if not more so, to plan grant applications, curriculum, community outreach events. Our board and committees have included some great people, we have been featured on the local news several times, and our enrollment really began to pick up in the last two weeks. I met with Nathan on Wednesday from 12-130 with the community relations committee. He was so excited about the events we were planning to be involved with and attention from the community. I remember him saying something to the effect "wow this is really happening....its all coming together. " and " Thanks Autumn, I wish I had ten more Autumms". I have been offered a position with the school in the fall.....opening a new STEM charter school- how exciting. Anyhow later last Wednesday night Nathan was driving home from the office, after meeting g with two board members and folks at the children's museum, when a man entered the highway going the wrong way. Nathan and the man collided head on and both were killed . Our board and committees, families and staff have been devastated. The board and certain key players that have been instrumental in developing the school are working towards a plan of action. But Nathan did everything- facilities planning, financial giving, curriculum..... he gave his life for this school.... it has been his dream for the last two years. I can't comprehend him not being there to open it. His services are tomorrow...