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Thursday, October 27, 2011

great news - at a good time

John had good news to share with me this morning, and called me early- right after we both got to work. He wanted to share with me that he got a job offer and it includes a pretty good raise:) Not only that, he willbe doing more creative design work with research and development elements. So we are pretty happy....although we are so super broke right now b/c my pay has not resumed, even though I have been back to work for a we are going to have to wait a week or two to celebrate...he starts November 14 :) I am really excited for him....and am happy to see him excited about work again.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

i freaked my son out today

i have missed my usual Friday writing- I actually stayed out of work because I had to go with Sam to get his casts changed. He ended up getting a break from the casts because of some water spots on his heels and some really raw spots under his knees. His feet are looking much better though- and hes been loving being out of confinement. Hes been able to take baths, and play in his car and go swimming with me this morning. It has been great!!!
So how i freaked him out, hence the title, is this: We were home yesterday morning and Sam loves music. I saw that Coldplay was on the Today (i think ) Show as I was flipping channels so i stopped. Well they ended up playing "Fix you"- which was so ironic because that is the one song i would just hear over and over in my head when i thought about Samm all those many months, over a year, as we waited to bring him home. Needless to say, I ended up bawling my eyes out- just listening and watching Sam stumble around, trying to walk better....then he saw me crying and got this worried, solemn look on his face...and stared at me, puzzled. He then started whimpering and laid down next to me on the was so surreal for that moment to actually be here....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

group play

So Sam has been in preschool for three weeks and we have heard great things. There is a very low student-teacher ration at his pre-school b/c its a lab school with interns, student teachers, master classroom teachers and even professors in and out. I have nt heard anything about him throwing or spitting from them ....BUT- the gym child-care and our church child care are two different things. I am not sure if Sam is spitting/throwing b/c there arent teachers right on his butt or he wants attention from some one or what it may be. Yesterday a worker from the gym day-care had to come up to my class and get me to come speak with him....when i got to the child care room (super nice, lots of toys and play equipment, even for a boy with casts)- there were like 5 or 6 employees sitting all around the front...except for one with the babies....i am wondering if Sam isnt trying to give them something to do, since texting and chatting arent really what they are expected to waste their time doing....ugh
Afterwards, we went to the mall to get Gabe some pants....and Sam was just so giggly and happy- he always is...he is always happy/excited to be some where and on the move. Its adorable the glee he has walking through the mall to go home, yelling "good night" to everyone...then telling me "Momma, say good night!" I guess i will take his throwing and spitting if he can be this joyful at other times.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Post Placement Photos

well i figured i would add some photos and really should redesign my blog soon.... these were the photos included in our post-placement report

Friday, October 14, 2011

Its Fair Time!

WHY YES YES, Its the magical time of the year when the air gets a chill, we begin Halloween decorating and pumpkin hunting and FAIR RIDE-riding! I am taking Gabe solo this year....Sam is going with his preschool group (i think, we may back out) I am not sure what he will think about it. Today has been an eventful day- I got to sleep in until 830! Its a teachers planning day, and I didnt need to be at school until 1230. John was so sweet and took Sam to get his casts off....we hung out. John also took the day off, but for other reason (to be discussed nex week sometime or in the next few days). Sam, John and I got to hang out until 10am. We gave Sam a bath and he played and ate breakfast. Then i took him to play a bit at the Chick Fil-A inside playground ...then back to the doctors for some PT and recasting :(
His feet are really changing- thats the great news....and we will have some breaks ahead, with some days off (thank you Jesus)....but our shoulders and backs are just torn up....we have to carry him and pick him up not fun. At least hes super cute, super sweet and gives us kisses and hugs non-stop....he also has a cute little walker he uses at school....we are getting there.
I will be so thankful once these casts are off for good. ...or he can at least walk with them. His legs are bent, so he can not stand up.
Anyhoo...this is one of Gabes most favorite times of the year....he loves the fair and halloween- we have decorated in splendid fashion...i will need to do a big photo dump to get it all out there. Sam is not a monster/halloween fan- but he shall be converted!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

TGIF again

back to the land and lives of work. I returned to teaching yesterday. This week has been busy- with a day at preschool for Sam on Monday for a test run, while I got grading and school ready. Then i was at a school leadership conference for Tuesday and Wednesday. I went back to work full time Th and Friday- i am sososo tired, i have been swamped with school work, work for the school i teach at and yoga classes, plus being a mom and wife....i think i am spreding myself too thin but theres no room to gives me sanity and i am pretty much committed to the other things (work, school.  mom and wife) by some pretty heavy emotional, legal and financial i just have to wait it out. Next week i am only teaching three days anyway - so i cant complain b/c its not like i am even back to work full time. But what has changed is the greater feeling of me wanting to be working outside the class room- well at least the secondary classroom. I want to do more research towards my doctorate, and do lots more yoga- maybe even get certified to teach yoga. The end result of my doctorate would be teaching my whole teaching focus is shifting- and i feel it in me that its right. I just have to continue working towards it.
SAM.GABE/CHILDfront- all is well, Sam is adjusting nicely to his preschool- although he doesnt like to nap there and doesnt always like the food . Gabe is adjusting as well too, he is having to go out of his way to be nicer to Sam and play with him more.
The one suffering is my wonderful husband who is probably doing more of his share of the housework b/c this week i have been gone three evenings for school and or yoga....he needs an outlet. He may have some news to share in the coming weeks of his own. At least i am hoping he will...more on that later

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sam the Student

Its official- Sam is a pre-schooler. He started school today at the Benedict Child Devlopment Center which is a NAECYC (?) accredited lab school for the local HBC Benedict College and other local child centers for continuing education. The ratio is low and it has great teachers/professors that help steer the curriculum and progress of each student. This is the place for structure, which Sam needs! He also got a new walker! One of the aids had a pediatric walker that she brought us today. Sam is mobile again- and the dogs are pretty freaked out! Sam did great at school, didnt freak out being dropped off or anything. He ate lunmch and snack with out being picky- but did not nap. He will crash any moment now......I will get some pictures up soon