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Friday, October 7, 2011

TGIF again

back to the land and lives of work. I returned to teaching yesterday. This week has been busy- with a day at preschool for Sam on Monday for a test run, while I got grading and school ready. Then i was at a school leadership conference for Tuesday and Wednesday. I went back to work full time Th and Friday- i am sososo tired, i have been swamped with school work, work for the school i teach at and yoga classes, plus being a mom and wife....i think i am spreding myself too thin but theres no room to gives me sanity and i am pretty much committed to the other things (work, school.  mom and wife) by some pretty heavy emotional, legal and financial i just have to wait it out. Next week i am only teaching three days anyway - so i cant complain b/c its not like i am even back to work full time. But what has changed is the greater feeling of me wanting to be working outside the class room- well at least the secondary classroom. I want to do more research towards my doctorate, and do lots more yoga- maybe even get certified to teach yoga. The end result of my doctorate would be teaching my whole teaching focus is shifting- and i feel it in me that its right. I just have to continue working towards it.
SAM.GABE/CHILDfront- all is well, Sam is adjusting nicely to his preschool- although he doesnt like to nap there and doesnt always like the food . Gabe is adjusting as well too, he is having to go out of his way to be nicer to Sam and play with him more.
The one suffering is my wonderful husband who is probably doing more of his share of the housework b/c this week i have been gone three evenings for school and or yoga....he needs an outlet. He may have some news to share in the coming weeks of his own. At least i am hoping he will...more on that later

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