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Friday, October 14, 2011

Its Fair Time!

WHY YES YES, Its the magical time of the year when the air gets a chill, we begin Halloween decorating and pumpkin hunting and FAIR RIDE-riding! I am taking Gabe solo this year....Sam is going with his preschool group (i think, we may back out) I am not sure what he will think about it. Today has been an eventful day- I got to sleep in until 830! Its a teachers planning day, and I didnt need to be at school until 1230. John was so sweet and took Sam to get his casts off....we hung out. John also took the day off, but for other reason (to be discussed nex week sometime or in the next few days). Sam, John and I got to hang out until 10am. We gave Sam a bath and he played and ate breakfast. Then i took him to play a bit at the Chick Fil-A inside playground ...then back to the doctors for some PT and recasting :(
His feet are really changing- thats the great news....and we will have some breaks ahead, with some days off (thank you Jesus)....but our shoulders and backs are just torn up....we have to carry him and pick him up not fun. At least hes super cute, super sweet and gives us kisses and hugs non-stop....he also has a cute little walker he uses at school....we are getting there.
I will be so thankful once these casts are off for good. ...or he can at least walk with them. His legs are bent, so he can not stand up.
Anyhoo...this is one of Gabes most favorite times of the year....he loves the fair and halloween- we have decorated in splendid fashion...i will need to do a big photo dump to get it all out there. Sam is not a monster/halloween fan- but he shall be converted!!!

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