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Saturday, October 22, 2011

i freaked my son out today

i have missed my usual Friday writing- I actually stayed out of work because I had to go with Sam to get his casts changed. He ended up getting a break from the casts because of some water spots on his heels and some really raw spots under his knees. His feet are looking much better though- and hes been loving being out of confinement. Hes been able to take baths, and play in his car and go swimming with me this morning. It has been great!!!
So how i freaked him out, hence the title, is this: We were home yesterday morning and Sam loves music. I saw that Coldplay was on the Today (i think ) Show as I was flipping channels so i stopped. Well they ended up playing "Fix you"- which was so ironic because that is the one song i would just hear over and over in my head when i thought about Samm all those many months, over a year, as we waited to bring him home. Needless to say, I ended up bawling my eyes out- just listening and watching Sam stumble around, trying to walk better....then he saw me crying and got this worried, solemn look on his face...and stared at me, puzzled. He then started whimpering and laid down next to me on the was so surreal for that moment to actually be here....


  1. autumn, you're a treasure. praying for sam's legs to heal and gain strength. love to you and your precious family today.

  2. I hope he has a quick healing. I bet he loves having the casts off for a while. You are so sweet and hang in there, I pray he will be RUNNING around before you know it!!