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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

group play

So Sam has been in preschool for three weeks and we have heard great things. There is a very low student-teacher ration at his pre-school b/c its a lab school with interns, student teachers, master classroom teachers and even professors in and out. I have nt heard anything about him throwing or spitting from them ....BUT- the gym child-care and our church child care are two different things. I am not sure if Sam is spitting/throwing b/c there arent teachers right on his butt or he wants attention from some one or what it may be. Yesterday a worker from the gym day-care had to come up to my class and get me to come speak with him....when i got to the child care room (super nice, lots of toys and play equipment, even for a boy with casts)- there were like 5 or 6 employees sitting all around the front...except for one with the babies....i am wondering if Sam isnt trying to give them something to do, since texting and chatting arent really what they are expected to waste their time doing....ugh
Afterwards, we went to the mall to get Gabe some pants....and Sam was just so giggly and happy- he always is...he is always happy/excited to be some where and on the move. Its adorable the glee he has walking through the mall to go home, yelling "good night" to everyone...then telling me "Momma, say good night!" I guess i will take his throwing and spitting if he can be this joyful at other times.

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