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Friday, April 29, 2011


I have delayed my post from Wednesday because things have been a hectic mess. We still have not recieved a court date, I think our case has been waiting nearly the longest- since January- of course we were resubmitted in March. But our hearts and minds have been expecting a court date since January- its hard to digest. We still do not have any clear reason as to why- why families submitted after us are now getting court dates but we are not. I was a wreck Wednesdayafternoon , and to top it off I had rescue transport to do from the vet- both families requesting records, confused about deposit refunds and stressful mix up of what was going to which family....its frustrating being the foster parent of the fur-babies and not always having everything i need...but i think my expectations for myself are too high sometimes....if things dont go just right i get annoyed and just dont want to deal with people's expectations that i can't meet. - long story. To worsen my week, a former aquiantence/friend of John's spent two days harassing me via FB and the phone based on my stance about dogbreeding and animal rescue....a post that was never even said right to directed to her- and it was a nightmare for two days...i never even reponsded to her posts but they kept 6 or 7...then private messages,...then phone calls...then messages to my husband. i felt like high school but this was coming from a grown, slightly disturbed woman, so i was actually fearful she would just show up at our house....very odd....then the horrible thunderstorms and was too much...there was no sleeping to be had Wednesday night.
I am working today- but not in my class...i am visiting with my homebound girls and getting ready for a wonderful diversion of the RUNAWAY RUNWAY fashion show (i am a volunteer) hosted by the Columbia Design League- this is the kind of diversion I need. Plus our foster Minpin- Mia has a potential adopter that I am processing this weekend :)
The week will end with a silver lining...after turbulence, lightening, thunder and tornadoes....both in my heart and in the sky.


  1. Huge hugs. Hoping good news finds you soon. Wish there was more I could say... It will happen, I know it will!

  2. Leah Ann you said it :) the silver lining came at about 2:45 and knocked the wind out of me...i need to make a real post