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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

I am on spring break from my work, but am planning graduate classes for the summer and fall. I am getting the motivation to go to USC and get some of my student surveys processed. Lots to do-...i did take a little break- up to Asheville and hungout thre for a night, did some shopping around at some very quaint local stores and ate at two of my favorite restuarants- they are both slow-foods "farm to table"
Early Girl Eatery
The Laughing Seed

I also went to one of my favorite book stores - Malaprops
 I purchased two books for Gabe/S 
I bought the 20th anniverssary edition of "Heather has Two Mommies" - which profiled many different *different* types of families- gay/lesbian parents, divorced/remarried, adoptive etc
 and a book about "How did that get in my lunch box?" about where food comes from and profiles some globalization issues of food.
I also bought some Tibetan Buddhist Prayer flags for Gabe, since he wanted some for his room. We are quite a multicultural its pretty fun. I think this Sunday may be a day for Ethiopian food and a trip to Charlotte's Discovery Place....they have a special exhibit/program on Race and Racism

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  1. sounds like an incredible week...makes me wish i lived in your neck of the woods. if 'early girl eatery' is even a tenth as cool as its website, i have GOT to make a trip. we could do lunch!!