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Saturday, September 4, 2010

16 days til finger prints

Hi hi- i have been going through dossier materials this morning and realized I need a new copy of my employment letter, and can pick that up next week. Otherwise, its time to get it all notaorized, copied and packaged up. I think I am going to follow what another family who is doing the WC child program with Holt and send in the dossier right after we get our finger prints so they can review and we will send the 171H as soon as we get it.
Other siwe we are just waiting...i am folloiwng one awesome blog with a new little 2 year old who just got home last week...and now realize that we must have a plan for our "wooshas" (dogs) since our Little Man S will most likley be afraid of them.
I am not sure we have mentioned this, but we plan on using the name Micah. Not sure if it will be a middle name or his first name. His S name was not given to him by his family or even the nuns who love him so. It wasgiven to him by the police officer who found him. It is important b/c it is what his caretakers know him as- but we want him to have a name from his *family*. We will see how it goes. For today WE ARE GOING TO GET ETHIOPIAN FOOD!! mmmmm mmmmm good!


  1. We knew that our son would probably be afraid of our dog, but we hoped he'd get over it more quickly than he has. LOL. Today I had one on one side of the couch and the other on the other side. They were both well-behaved, but I think that's mostly because my son realized that if he ran off, the dog would chase him. Still - he wasn't screaming or crying or yelling at the dog, so I call that big progress.

    It's odd that you have to wait so long to get fingerprinted. When ours came (in February or March) it just said to go any week day between these times. Of course, then they messed things up afterward so we had to wait an extra month, but at least it did get done.

    Have you had ET food before? It's really good! We'd eaten it a few times before we went, but when we were there we both felt sort of sick the whole time (not sure what it was, as we had actually no symptoms of sickness and were very careful not to use the water) so we hardly ate any. Heh.

    God bless you on your journey to bring your son home!

  2. Hey Bethany- thanks for coming by :) I think we may need to include some pictures of the wooshas with our son so that our new son will hopefully understand that these wooshas will not attack :)
    We eat ET often :) today was great