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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just when i was starting to scour my emails tofind the immigration case worker- we got our I17H! Our dossier was officially accepted by Holt on October 12th and now this completes everything! All we do now is wait, work , plan, save and get one more round of shots....oh wait, and buy airline tickets (of course that wont be until we get the email/call about a court date) feels like such a long time, but really its just been since May- 6 months of compiling paperwork,interviews, committee meetings and forms upon forms to be notarized. I am hiping for an update on S soon. We havent seen new pictures since mid July...ugh


  1. Congrats on your I-171H! I know it's such a relief to have that major piece done. =)

  2. Autumn, I hope you get your court date soon. My brain was able to relax so much after I just had that date.