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Monday, May 7, 2012

Case of the Mondays

How do i get a "case of the Mondays" when I am not even working? Well I am working, but not in my teaching position....still. Usually my wonderful husband kisses me good bye and i run through a list of questions " did gabe get the bus, did he get his homework signed off....does he have his swim bag ? (hes in a two week swim lesson unit right now). This morning my husband was sweet and allowed me to sleep uninterrupted, no kissing good bye and no chance for me to ask about Gabe and all his school necessities. However, it was this morning of all mornings that Gabe and John forgot the swim bag. AND our possible adoption agency requested some paper work to be scanned and faxed/emailed...John was supposed to do that too....poor guy. I woke up at 8am, jumped on Yahoo chat and started in on my questions...."swim bag? paperwork?" to both :( His nice gesture turned into him scurrying back home to get swim bag and get paperwork...he didn't even have to do it, i could have take the bag and drive the paperwork to him....but he was adamant that this was "his fault"....i hate Mondays!
I had an interview today, at a school that's similar to mine- struggling with many issues....only it seems their curriculum is even less diverse than my current although i feel the interview went well, i am not certain i am a total fit. It is a nice school- less than 5 years old, huge and "new"....but i am hoping to get into more creative curriculum and work in a different type of program. Still, a big part of me feels i need to teach and stay active....but if its just more of the same, then its not whats best right now. We will see. In other news, Sam went to a new babysitter today. Actually this is the third time ever that someone has watched him outside of our home.....except for at church/school. Sam wore himself out- so many toys and so much stimulation. When we got home, he asked for a hug, a blanket and to lay down....poor guy. Hes going back tomorrow, maybe the transition home will be a little better. I have two more interviews this week.

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