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Friday, May 18, 2012

No weekend for moi

This weekend will be the 2nd weekend i work at a large boarding/grooming/dog day care kennel. My first love was animals...i worked at a pet store for over two years, then with a wild life care center affiliated with the Broward County ASPCA, then did an internship with Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY, i have worked at two different rescues here in SC.....the work is physical, dirty and smelly but i love it. I have been really wanting to work more with therapy dogs and at risk kids....its something i really think would be amazingly rewarding weekend for me
We have a big anniversary coming up next will be the anniversary of meeting Samuel and going to court to officially adopt him. It seems like yesterday...i can tell you what we wore, ate and even watched on the plane. Those days are so vivid in my mind, ...i cant believe its nearly been a year !!

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