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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Date night

By Date Night- i mean John and I and my friend Manda and Sam....At one point Sam was screaming/ordering/demanding that Manda kiss him. He loves blondes- in a way he can't even hide. We went to Blue Cactus for some great Korean food and walked around 5 points
Sam got to 2nd base with this lady!! hehehe


  1. Dang, whoever took some of those pictures is really talented! Hehe...


  2. hahaha Sam says he has to wait three days before he calls you....its just his thang

  3. Great pics! I am catching up on various blogs. I hope the rehab goes well; Sam sounds like he's got a lot of personality! You already know he loves blonds...hilarious. Wonder what he'll be like 10 years from now...?!

  4. I just tried to leave a comment and got kicked off...ugh! Anyway, just catching up and it sounds like you have your hands full these days! It think it's hilarious Sam like blonds...just wait until he's 15...yikes!