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Sunday, May 20, 2012

health update- adoption progression

i feel stagnant with this adoption, we finally are getting the health/medical check ups for the boys this friday and for myself next week. I dread bringing in both boys to my doctor, so i am trying to figure out a way for john to watch them. However, hes already been taking so much time off, altering his schedule to be with Sam until my school year is officially over...its just taking so long to fill out forms...and i am confused what to do about the financial declaration since i have changed just working part time for so much less. We will still qualify/be able to afford the adoption and we may actually qualify for more grants now that i am part time and not making as much.
In great news- we got a health update on the little girl we are hoping to adopt. Shes doing really well, and according to her weight and height it puts her in the middle, 50th% for a child who is 5 1/2 we are pretty confidant that shes between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2,,,,though malnutrition could have caused her to remain small, but really be closer to 7.  Regardless, it seems developmentally shes right on with her given birthdate of being 5 1/2. We were happy for the medical report....her report in December had us very concerned for her health, but its improved greatly, and we have found out she has been moved to Addis. She is originally from quite far away, on the border with Southern Sudan. Due to her medical concerns last December she was moved to Addis for better medical care.

Happy last week of school...i am uncertain when i will teach again....but i am going back to my original calling of working with animals. I will still continue with my doctoral work....but just unsure about when or if i will be back in the class room anytime soon. Tomorrow i am going to an orientation to start training for being a pet-therapy team with one of my wonderful dogs. Zeek is going to be an amazing pet-therapy companion and i am really excited :) I hope to work with special needs kids, kids in DJJ, with learning disabilities...i am really interested in utilizing pet-therapy with foster/adoptive children with RAD tendencies. First things first is that we must finish Zeeks training...

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  1. So glad to hear of the good health report. That's great news. I will be praying that things move along quickly for you.