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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Court Trip anniversary

Here are the thoughts and experiences of our actual court day, a little over a year ago.....we had not passed and had a very odd situation....but it finally did work out- after heart ache, paper work, several glasses of wines and many weeks later
Court date- the day we didn't pass

The major silver lining of our court case trip was that Sam was already in Addis Ababa and we were able to see him several times....he had some special needs and we needed to get xrays done and discuss his legs/prognosis with the medical team that works with the care center (not the doctor from our agency). More visits with our wonderful boy- seeking medical answers
For those wondering- our official court decisions was finally given on June 29th and our decree came on July 1st 2011 :) 

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  1. It does seem like so long happy all is well. He's getting so incredibly big. Just darling...