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Thursday, May 10, 2012

elephants, tae kwon do, spider cries and leggos

today has been an eventful day, as per my title. I didn't even throw in there a lengthy phone consultation/interview with our prospective adoption agency. We are still getting HS updated...this is taking forever...damn car and AC trouble, and taking off two 1/2 weeks for Sam's rehab has just stalled us....but it will get done....i am hoping that as my b-day present on June 16th we will be in the writing up stage of our new HS. We just need to compile our new/renewed references, new financial statement and new medicals...then a visit from our bubbly and fun social worker. Apparently our new agency would also like to speak with all of us together to further discuss adopting SN and out of birth order....which is what will likely occur. In fact, we actually have to document that we discuss the realities of SN and out of birth order adoption with other families who have done i may be hitting up some of you AP mommas out there who have done one or both. Do i qualify as a person to talk to about SN? I do talk to myself alot...and Sam has SN....i may just have to put myself down :) Anyhow, the conversation was good. We have a clearer idea of their WC program and when we can qualify to be officially matched. We are mainly interested in one little girl and possibly a little boy (not together) The little boy is slightly younger than Sam, like by 8 months or so and the little girl is the 6ish year old little girl i have mentioned before....still no "serious interest" in either and I have known about them both since early March....The little girl has been in care since late last year. We have alot of thinking about family dynamics to do....and i have been really trying to evaluate certain personality traits, mainly with Sam. Although he totally surprised me this week- we found a wonderful new baby sitter, also an African adoptive family with other bio children....3 that are 3 and under! Their 3 year old and Sam ended up getting along great...after a rocky start. Sam just seems to be soso competitive with boys! Now you show him a little blond girl (like the cute little tinker bell looking girly we saw today at the zoo, or like a certain fellow church member) and Sam *melts*...he loves little girls.
Anyhoo, in more child activity news Gabe started tae kwon do this week and had his 2nd class tonight....he is really liking it and i am happy we are able to send him . We have participated in various martial arts over the years and i am really liking this studio....except its like 20 minutes that sucks.
So the "spider cries" has to do with the Shrek Halloween films that we access on Netflix....Sam has come to love Shrek...except for one scene with spiders in one of these extra films. As John and I were preparing dinner we hear Sam shrieking and crying like hes being attacked....come to find out he saw the spider scene *alone* and couldn't handle....poor little man. It took him 15 minutes to recover but he refused to let us off turn off the film. He has also been playing with Leggos and with that has come that ever familiar desire to create/frustration with failure mixed bag of emotions....often leaving him crying about the leggos, but like the Shrek film, refusing to stop playing with them.
I am also starting a weekend job at a local kennel/boarding/grooming facility. It pays horribly of course, but i need to start raising $ to get HS and immigration stuff done this summer and hopefully dossier materials in late summer. Plus i really love animals and have lots of experience with dogs and kitties....
So this summer it looks like i will be home mostly all week, except for the three weeks of UUCC Hogwarts camp and then part time work on the weekends....sounds great to me!!

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