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Friday, May 25, 2012

Officially one year since we held Sam for the first time

This time last year i was both elated and in shock. I was elated with how wonderfully "squishy", bubbly, cuddly and lovey my new son was; he squealed with delight and reached for his "ababa" instantly. It was magical and we could not have asked for a more instant connection. I was amazed and thrilled that we were so lucky. What was even more magical is that we took to him instantly as was more than any AP could ask for. What had us in shock was hi care center. We didn't knwo he would be in such an extreme special needs broke our hearts- and it was just so hard to imagine how he grew up in this space with so many kids that were just so in need of intense therapies, - but he somehow thrived in this that is still part of the magic. Here are my thoughts on that day
I can not wrap my head around it being a year ago seems like yesterday. I could tell you what i ate for breakfast, what i wore and details of the drive to his center like i just got out of the guest house bus.....

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