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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

down the rabbit hole...

i feel confused , like Alice, falling down the rabbit hole,...a skewed reality. It seems at this point our agency is not really clear on what is being requested by the court, if our abandonment decree was ever obtained and what was missing from our file submitted to court.
We are waiting for answers and are beyond frustrated, confused, annoyed and heartbroken.

We were told several times that S being abandoned and at the Misson of Charity would not delay his case...apparently thats not 100% accurate.... things seems to be a mess.
**We spoke with Pat and Stephanie this week....the Mission of Charity  has the be the one to request all new/updated documentation with the ET givernment b/c they are the ones who have custody of S. That makes since. However, the email that was finally forwarded to me from ET HOLT did mention that the MOC said the b.c. would take "a while". Apparently it has been nearly a month since its request

Some other families, waiting on birth certificates, after the court proceedings have waited up to 2 months...ugh....the pt in my stomach intensifies
OH TO BETTER NEWS: I am going to see my friend Gianna in FL, tonight! I am going to pick up gabe in Jacksonville and she is meeting happy about that

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