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Friday, March 18, 2011

TGIF- Happy late st patricks day

Things have been busy around the Perkins-Crowley house...we had a plumbing mishap on Sunday morning. After we got back from UUCC we found it to be raining in the playroom- coming from the ceiling/floor of the upstairs bathroom. Thank god this happened on a Sunday and was only wet for a little over 2 hours.....they are going to be replacing part of the ceiling, fixing dry wall and a hole by the shower. I also need to get my inventory list to the adjuster...our large recliner got soaked as did our rug and our computer speakers sound real fuzzy - not a whole lot of damages, but enough to meet our $500 we are doing the claim
I am also in the midst of papers and reading a short conference tomorrow for "Closing the Achievment Gap"
ADOPTION NEWS: Still no real news...except some families who were submitted to court around the time we were are getting their court dates...this has happened to us before. We were passed up in January for court dates b/c of paperwork missing, so I half expect it this time. BUT with the whole MOWYCA uproar, phone conferences and court slow down- they are supposed to process all standing court requests with in 10 working maybe in three weeks we will know out court date.
April 8th will be one year since we laid eyes on S
June 16th will be a year since we requested to go to committee for him,,,,,****sigh**** we never thought it would be this long to see him

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  1. oh autumn, i know this feeling exactly and ache right alongside you. SOON!