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Monday, March 14, 2011

Health Development Report

Yay! I JUST opened i have to do some wonderful metric conversions and will come back with current stats.....but the comments call him "charming and knows all the nannies by name...smiley"

I also got his newest family book iwe made him. We sent one with a family back in October, but we have no clue if he got it. I begged Pat if we could send another one since our case seems to delayed and she said to send it to HOLT Eugene and they could include it...BUT they still would have to send it to HOLT ET then it would still need to be taken to the Mother Theresa Center
...but the little book is adorable...and we may still send it anyway


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  1. Just a few ounces over 30 pounds and about 33 inches tall...
    knows 3 out of 4 colors....issues with walking on tip toes and standing on one leg b/c of the leg braces. Mentions CMV positive- need to ask questions re: cytomegla wasnt mentioned before but was said to be the cause of microcephaly
    Asks questions, talks, knowns nannies names, doesnt seem to draw alot ....but he is just barely 3- so these are milestones he wouldnt really have met yet