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Sunday, March 6, 2011

when it rains, it pours....more

We got an ever so encouraging email from our agency staff in ET relaying the message that the b.c. will be received in a "few weeks"...ugh ....well at least they are keeping in contact now. It gets worse...even if we had the needed documents the Ethiopian courts may be stalling down to a very slow 5 cases a day, as apposed to the average 40 or so.....actually when i think of 40 cases PER day that they have court, that's crazy.....i totally understand why there needs to be further scrutiny in the process. This is the main reason we choose a waiting child from a care center that is not really even a center that does international adoption- just a treatment and care center ....S had been there 2 one had come back for him, or even relayed to the staff his real name or birth date....hes been abandoned and in long term care.....but its his type of case that is getting the extra scrutiny because of lack of real *relinquishment*.....hes the truest type of orphan, and yet it is taking us longer than anticipated to get him home. I asked HOLT if we would at least be allowed to send him a family book. They stopped that practice last summer when parents began making the first court trip.
John spent all weekend moving the boys' room around...they now have the bigger room. Gabe has a large dresser and S is getting Gabes smaller dresser....we are moving in clothes, since its getting set up. I bought lots of 4T and some 3T, so no worries about things being too small.
I am trying to stay positive and focus on family/work/friends....not obsessing as much about email, blogs and time lines... as of right now I am not the only one who's timeline is blown to hell, so i can't have a solo pity party anyway.
I have been busy this weekend and last with trips to Florida for Gabe's cruise. He has classwork to make up, but not too much. I am really thinking of signing up for our UUCC mountain retreat for next month since court wont be on the agenda.....

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