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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i love my little boy

my son Gabriel is the most amazing 7 year old i have ever met, and i am not saying that because i am his mom. he is just so concerned with everyone, wants to share and give away any candy, toy, game, make books for S etc....he is just amazing. he loves to read and loves to learn. he reads ALL THE TIME, hes on a 4th grade reading level but just finishing 1st grade...yep, no joke. he amazes me every day....he has taken to learning about other religions and has asked me for my books on buddhism and to look up kids stories about karma....what 7 year old thinks of this? he does puzzles and plays with our dogs all the time...... its odd, he never has been the wild, crazy, running all through the house type boy....hes on the quiet intellectual side but still makes cute jokes, does scouts and likes akido. if i could just clone him a few times i would be in business! Oh and he has started doing his two and three times tables in his head...just nuts....i hope if i ever "hit a wall" with him in any way that i can always remember how i feel right now

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