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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Wow- i am amazed and surprised to get an email from our agency telling us we have been submitted to court. We were told that the needed documents could "take a few weeks to get"- and now this great surprise. We dont even have alot of details, just that the HOLT ET staff submitted our case yesterday
I like weird odd numbers so i take this date as a sign of good luck :)

I was just now accepting the "take a few weeks" response from last week....but i guess its been since the first week of Feb for the "few weeks" to really be we have been patient enough :)

Hoping and praying for a court date soon....however there is now the very real possibility of the courts slowing down- causing more delays. I am hoping for a court date before school ends (May 28)



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to hear the news of the date you will meet your boy!

  2. hoping and praying we avoid a drastic slow down with court...but at least its progress!