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Friday, February 25, 2011

one of *those people*

I have officially become one of *those adoptive moms* that lurks and grimaces at all the super fast time lines I see on other blogs, and then feels some odd sense of comfort or camaraderie with families hitting obstacles like us. I have found solace in reading over blogs of families who already have their children home. Reflecting on the days in which that mom or occasional dad would say "this is never going to happen.....something has gone wrong.......our hearts can't take it anymore." This stage seems to last forever. In actuality I am one of the lucky ones who didn't have to wait over a year for their referral ....but the hang-ups with court and the changing system are hitting me hard. I just know i would be an even bigger mess if i had waited nearly a year for a referral then still had to hit every change, road block and system switch ET adoption has faced in the last 10 months....i am also one of *those people* who do find some sort of comfort in saying "wow, at least i am not in their shoes"...regardless, some of these "shoes" really just suck right now.

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