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Sunday, February 20, 2011

S is going to the doctor

I emailed, a third time, to rquest some sort of clarification abot why the measurements for S on his Dec medical eval were the same ones from like July. The HOLT Eugene staff forwarded my eamil to the ET staff and we were told that a new set of measurements will be in their way soon since S is scheduled to have a medical evaluation done this coming i hope we will get that info soon (it will probably take about 3 weeks due to scanning/translation etc) and maybe new pictures soon!!!
All this uncertainty has made me really uneasy, its even hard to look at pictures of S because "what if"? What if something happens with the investigation? We are already under more scrutiny since he is an abandonment case...i just fear something will go wrong :(


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  1. Autumn, I know all too well what that feels like. For a while, I just had to stay off of the computer. I can't believe you guys are still waiting! I thought our process took forever. You're in my thoughts.