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Monday, February 7, 2011

a new week- starts with a bang

....we are hoping for some news this week to end the confusion and frustration. In family news- john had a fun fun birthday. We went to the Columbia Musuem of Art on Friday night to view the film Citizen Architecht- about Auburn's Rural Studio. We also saw some short films about local music, saw some of a band, ate, had wine, hung out with friends. Saturday i had a conference and john redid the floor in the dog looks fantastic and we can hopefully redo the whole down stairs between now and the summer. Saturday was his actual birthday. I got him a mandolin for slicing up vegetables all gourment like. We went to Gervias and Vine, one of our favorite restaurants and met up with some friends....more bars/bands and also went and watched the end of the UFC fight- love Anderson Silva.
Busy busy.... yesterday we went to UUCC service, we had teachings about Buddhism - which brought back memories of my undergrad days....chatted with members...and came home for more floor duty. I had the pleasure of doing taxes...ugh- but will hopefully be getting back a pretty ok sum. Next will be my FASFA. I started putting together a small paper due i went to work at Panera bread (to escape all the sanding)- while driving past the small college in our neighborhood i saw the weirdest thing...local police guy had his car parked all weird across the road, lights on...he was out of the vehicle looking up at a smoking power line...then flames...then a weird surge sound came...i had slowed to see what was goin on...then an exploision....downed lines...the power poles looked like toaches- this continuend down three or four more poles. I was astonished- called 911...just the one officer was there..then he was running. I circled the block to get behind it, around to the other side and saw two other police cars come speeding in....still no firetruck. The truks came later...this was all at 3pm...and even with all that craziness the power was back on by 6:30!!! These guys really wanted to see the superbowl. ok on to a new week....i am hoping for good news.

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