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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly by-pass

There was big news with HOLT waiting AP's this week.... court dates are being given! Just not to us yet:(
Well, at least the systrem is back up and running...the ministry closures for holidays, bogged down with rehearing so many other cases due to missing documents last Nov/Dec, then moving offices....ugh! At least now there should be some kind of routine- but as we find out with international adoption, just when you *think* you know the routine and system, things change.
In the mean time, i am just focusing on school, work and family. Gabe started Akido a the UUCC last week, and likes it...John and I are reading "How to Parent Your Internationally Adopted Child" and making notes. We are redoing floors and starting to plan on moving the boys room to the bigger guest room that Danielle uses when she is here. In two weeka we are starting a class at the UUCC called "the story of stuff":- focused on the realities of materialism and capitalism. i am making it a goal to not buy anything new (other than food and such) for one year.....think i can do it?!?!?!
The thing is, i have tons of clothes in various sizes- :) so i dont need anything...if i do desperatley need anything then we go to the thrift store, consignment sales, craigslist or Ebay :)
The one concession we will be making is while we are in Ethiopia. I can also predict that coming home will be hard when we take S to Universal or Disney...but i will not buy *myself * anything new , maybe one thing for the children.....
I am starting off my *buy nothing* year. The last thing i bought was Gabes V-Day present...Kids Bop 19....couldnt find that used anywhere, and i am going to order a newly made family scrapbook from i am making the official start date VALENTINES DAY (tomorrow)....for one year, until next Valentines Day 2012- BUY NOTHING YEAR. This mainly applies to clothes, appliances, shoes, toys, books, dishes, towels, bags, . I will be getting new tires at some point soon.....but thats just needed for saftey. I actually dont thin it will be too hard...considering i dont do alot of clothes shopping....but i do buy lots of clothes for gabe, so i need to refocus and be more resourceful.
We are hoping and praying for good news this week!

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