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Saturday, January 1, 2011

To My Little Boy

We learned about you this year, April 8th 2010
We asked and were chosen to be your parents this year, June 2010
We received so many smiley adorable pictures of you April-December 2010
We shopped for you and planned for you and told others about you July- Dec 2010
In 2011 you will become part of our family
In 2011 we will discover more about your culture and country
In 2011 we will leave you for a few weeks, which may be the hardest wait of all, but we will be back
In 2011 our hearts will swell to encompass the love we have for you
In 2011 we will take help make a family for you, but in the process you/we may feel sadness about leaving the group of wonderful caregivers you already knew.
In 2011 you will gain new family, friends, language and experieces
We are extremely excited to have you to look forward to.
We are happy to leave a very stressful 2010 behind...but do remember some great times with our family and friends.

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  1. 2011 is looking like a very, very good year for both of us. :-)

    I saw the Apples to Apples post. We needed you last night! My niece and her boyfriend brought it over, but they forgot it takes four people. I LOVE that game. The good thing is we still played 3 l/2 hours of Uno.... and I know even young kids can catch on to that game.. I did. I am looking forward to playing Uno and other games with my oldest in a couple of years. :-)