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Monday, January 17, 2011

sleeping in

sleeping in the Postal Service- one of my favorite songs these days. Tomorrow i actually do not get to sleep in after over 9 days with no work and noplace to be until 10am ish (two conference days). Today i took gabe to Edventure- a staple of amusement here in Columbia. I found myself obsessed with wondering which child is closest to S's age/size. I cant place how big a 2.5 year old is....he will be 3 in Aprilish....damn bad measurements from the last report still had the same height/weight from last July....
I played around with the camera
First- Gertie's doggie mug shot...she is always guilty of something (phone pictures are kinda sucky- be warned)
Then some from Edventure

Gabe fun:

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