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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still home....still antsy

well i *thought* i would be back at work today but that didn't happen. School was cancelled again and at this point I can see no reason why. I feel it would have been much better to have a delay- the ice is GONE! and was gone in time for delayed start. This will mess up grades and midterms PLUS i will be at a conference tomorrow and Friday. So I wont see my students until next Tuesday (MLK day is Monday)...yikes. Oh well. Leave it to me to complain about *not* going to work hehehehe. I tend to be the over-worker, over extender and over-doer...just my nature. So, three days inside with no work- has gotten me antsy. And I have made it a resolution to no longer be the "over-doer" once S is home and things calm down.
 With being cooped up in the house, I have been reading some boards about Ethiopian adoption, which has gotten me more antsy. It seems many families with other agencies had several expired/old documents with their dossier presented at court in Nov/December and they did not pass court the first time. This has created a backlog of cases being reheard this month and next. Maybe that is the reason so few court dates have been given for Feb and March?? Delays caused by other agencies who did not make sure all thier AP's documents were within a year/18 months old. Why did these agencies fail to make sure thier documents were in order??? With their cases being rushed to be reheard it has caused so much frustration for other families who are waiting longer.
UGH. Theres not a whole lot to be done on our end besides wait....and save $/fund raise....and of course school/work. I still feel distracted- but i guess thats to be expected. At least when i am at work I dont feel like a vulture, hovering over my email all hours of the day.

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