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Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is a non-adoption post. Yesterday Geoffrey Canada of the Harlem Children's Zone and movie "Waiting for Superman" visited Columbia SC to speak with people involved (or interested in) our Eau Claire Promise Zone. I became involved inthe education committee three years ago that began organizing this project. It has really been taking off. I wish i stayed more involved - but two jobs and grad school plus family have gottenthe best of me.  We are so lucky to have Daniel Canada, the brother of Geoffrey, and his son (Geoffrey's nephew) who teaches Social Studies in this area. I have known his nephew from teaching in-services and the like. I am super excited about so much support from our city council/mayor and USC....the "pipeline of support" is beginning with 0-5 years old so that they begin kingergarden on track. I hope to be involved and would def love to research these initatives for my doctorate. I live right in this areas...the zip code 29203 and the "beefed-up " Head Start programs and such will be wonderful for S when he gets home!

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