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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday cleaning-fest 2010!~

Since yesterday was the Rosewood Crawfish Festival today must also have a festival theme- and is CLEAN-O-RAMA fest!! Well its not as festive as it could be (where are the margaritas??) Anyway we are not only cleaning but decluttering, throwing stuff out, donating for good-will, packing up winter clothes, painting the foyer, mowing the yard, cleaning patio, spraying down the porch, reorganizing the kennel-room. My mom and step dad are coming Wednesday- so I want it look nice. Also we should be planning our home visit/interview of our home study soon. We are meeting with our social worker next Saturday but its at her office. The meeting after that will be here.

John is doing a great job painting. We have new furniture in the living room- pictures will follow...for now i will just add a picture of me and Gabe.

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