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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Limbo sucks... and its the story of my life

Ugh i hate how everything feels like its in limbo....the whole process of adoption in general feels like limbo to me until we actually have a child BUT thats not even the only limbo-esque part of my mind right now. We (us, teachers here in my district) still have yet to get our contracts. Many districts have given them out but others who are hard hit by the recession have waited and waited. The deadline ia May 15th. I am freaking out- what if i dont get a contract? PLUS i am trying to line up summer work teaching summer school or working more days in at the music academy, and thats all up in the air too. I hate it all beig up in the air... ironically i have gotten a little better with it. I just know i have tried to do all i can to secure these positions and get what i need done....but maybe it will all be for nothing? Although i feel bad b/c today i had a doctors appt at 1pm- i hate mid day appointments but i have to get appointments done before the end of May because i may not have insurance after June!

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