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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Easy like Sunday Morning

Ha- i wish things were easy....but they aren't always, but i guess things in life could always be harder. John is painting our windows and door frames onthe front porch :). That can be kinda easy for me- haha i actually did help.
In WORK NEWS- I have a contract for next year and will be teaching mainly all 9th grade geography- which was a request, not a punishment (i realy do not like teaching 9th graders when i am also teaching seniors- but all at once and no seniors will be good). I am aiming at changing some of the more common teaching practices with this subject. I am creating a service learning component to it (mainly raising funds for international charities- clean water, health education, sustainable farming "fair trade" issues- etc)- i am also impletmenting a portfolio based final assessment instead of any traditional, more standardized test. We will also plan an "international cxommunity building project- and invite teachers who are here from other countries, foriegn exchange students (we have a group or two each year at CHS) and any community members from our school district that are also from other countries- and put together an "international community festival- Richland School District". I shall be using this as some research for my PhD and i will also be getting a teaching intern from USC- HOLLA!!!! The way that my adviser at USC is prgraming the interns is that i will have the same one the whole year- different from when I did my masters...but i like it better this way for many reasons.

ADOPTION NEWS- Got a very promising health report on one of the little guys we are "watching"- was told we should not have any big issues going to committee beofre October (maybe in june or july) because many families are matched and then finish getting all paperwork done, also HOLT got my application specifically for the Ethiopia program on Thursday....

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