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Saturday, May 29, 2010

WOW- what a week

Well I am done with school/teaching- this was my last week until August. I really loved this group of seniors but they had me stressed out this year- what a stressful turbulent year; professionally and personally. It was filled with ups and downs- but we definitely left on an up. I am picking up some extra hours next week at the music school, so that's good. Also, john has had some fun researching flights through different places on our way to Ethiopia. I got my insurance and employment letters for our dossier/home study- John finally has medical appointments to get his form done, which will be Tuesday, June 1st- so we are just waiting on our letters of reference (two have arrived, two haven't)- and we should be good to go for our homestudy
I got an email from USC yesterday saying i needed to accept my financial aid awards. I thought this was odd, because as of last month i had a measly work-study package (this goes with my teaching mentorship for a new teacher). So i went back online to their student system and saw that I had been awarded $20K!! This is because during my real research focused years in the program I won't be able to work full time, so this is my living expenses etc. Well this year i do have time to work full time (two online courses and a night course is what i have )- I still get the $. I am so happy because the overage will be used for living expenses and i can use our savings and my salary for the adoption!! This puts us super super close.
Our estimated time line looks something like this:
June- go to committee on a special little boy
End of June- Completed home study
July-August- immigration forms completed
October 12- Home study officially accepted at HOLT-
Mid October- invoiced for Dossier (which will also be done and ready to go)- pay dossier fee and agency program fees for ET child
November- materials sent to ET
DEC/JAN- court date- first trip????
March or April- 2nd trip????

I am hoping and praying that next Spring Break will be spent with a special new 3 year old

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