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Monday, May 31, 2010

frustrated with myself

well well i neglected to gather materials i need to send to our social worker, Hollie. They are here on my desk, but a few copies need to be made and i need to prepare the envelope. I guess that can be done in the morning. John goes back to work tomorrow and gabe just got back this evening....but i have a pretty busy week planned for us. Playdates, baby sitting, working (i am covering at the music academy for one of the day time employees), piano lessons, guitar lessons, bills to be paid, errands and grocery do i normally have time for all this and work too? Tomorrow is my first official day of summer break. I am still in search of an additional part time job and am striving to get a healthier grip on my diet. Its detox time! I am not going too strict with it, although when i think about it, I am cutting alot of things out. Being that i was vegan for close to 8 years, its not so hard. I am earning junk-food points to be used during my trip to Florida June 9-13th :)
We also are gearing up to possibly request to go to committee. I am trying to find an additional
medical perspective for one of the little boys and am sending the information to our social worker to review. I hope/pray/plan to have an decision by Thursday.

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