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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Request to go to Committee!!!!

Well, initially I was going to email HOLT and request to go to committee for baby S on my actual birthday (June 16) but since I am going out of town and my mind will obsess about it- we chose to do it earlier. So we now are officially preparing our questionnaires to go to committee on an adorable, chubby 2 year old who has had issues with his legs- undergone surgery and is undergoing physical therapy, wearing cute "special shoes" and just looking like he is such a charmer. I am lucky to have been emailed nearly 10 or more pictures of him, tons of medical reports and lots of updates. I am thrilled with how HOLT has kept us informed about him. Baby S was the first one we inquired about- back at the end of March...since then the other two boys who we reviewed have been requested by families...yet Baby S waits. Something else that is special- he is also holding a bunny in many pictures. If any of you know my son (my bio son Gabe) then another little boy who loves on a bunny is something special. Gabe has had a blue bunny stuffed animal for over 6 is worn, "loved" threadbare- goes with him everywhere. So gabe has a special connection with little S already. Little S's story is kind of different than other children placed by HOLT...but I will be at liberty to describe that later.

ANYWAY- on with the fundraising! The Ethiopian Coffee Fundraiser is in "FULL BREW"- please support this extra trip we must make! JOIN OUR "CAFFEINE CRAZE FOR A CAUSE"

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  1. So exciting! I have been praying for that little guy! He is sooo cute!