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Friday, June 25, 2010


Well well ...the interview went pretty good, i was nervous and i think i talked to loud and fast (like a car-sales man). Jessica asked lots of questions concerning Little Man S's diagnosis, plus some general attachment and transracial questions (didn't i just write a book about all that??) And today nearly at the very same time I sat down to eat lunch (at an Ethiopian place in Charlotte) - she called me to say WE ARE MATCHED!!!!! We are very excited!!! I was alone in Charlotte b/c John couldnt take time off i ate (lots) and went to IKEA and got a cute new douvet cover and pillows. We have bunk beds and my dream would be for Little Man S to be sharing a room with his big brother Gabe. We do have some questions, which another soon to be ET mom, has raised. I think Little Man S has been in care longer than it says. He is in the Mother Teresa Care Center and HOLT just started placing children from there late last year. So the intake form is really an "intake" from their i would like some further information about his possible where-abouts before last December. I am fine if, somehow, he has been at the MTCC this whole time- it will have provided stability and early medical care. I would just like access to those medical records as well. No on to more paper work..... *side note* saw an adoptive family of white parents with an African American little girl- approached them in the parking lot of IKEA. It turns out she is Haitian-American, and she was adopted AFTER the earthquake. Seriously i told them that was a miracle. They actually explained that the earthquake expodited thier process since they were told 18 months from referral to home! Thats crazy....the system was already in such a slow-moving creep, I am sos surprised they have her home.


  1. Congratulations on the match! Seeing the "I have a family!" on the bottom of the wcp photo might be up there with my favorite things of all time!