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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where am i?

Have I really not posted since June 25th? Oh my...well i have some catching up to do. I have had lots of questions and congratulations when I tell friends and family about being matched with Little Man family in Ohio were quite interested. Gabe and I went to visit them from June 29th until just yesterday.... Gabe I am went to Boone NC first to tour around the Blue Ride Parkway- go to the Tweetsie Railroad Amusement Park and go see Grandfather Mountain- all very cool! Gabe had a blast. Seeing my moms side of the family was great. Gabe played with his 12 year old second cousin a whole lot...gabe is only 6- but it did show me the wonders of an older boy really taking the time to play with a younger one. Since Gabe and S will be about 4 years apart :)
I was told by Jennifer at HOLT that one of the HOLT CARE CENTER directors(or doctors?) was going to see S at the Mother Theresa Care Center last week...but I havent heard back about what was done or had any new photos or medical reports....hmmm
GOOD NEWS: Last Friday i was emailed our final copy of the homestudy!!! So excited. I should be getting the notarized copies in the mail soon...well after I pay the 2nd half of the payment (my agency is great and divides it up)
Ok I am going to finally post some pictures from the beach- I will add some from NC and OH in the next post
Gabe learned how to "boogie board" pretty well
John is lounging and talking....he was not thrilled with this picture :) hehehe

This one is better :)

Ross and Gabe looking for shells- they played all day.

Getting ready to go to the pier/dinner
Sunset ...with no sun...hehe ok- "dusk"

Ross and Gabe looking over the side

Shark cought by a fisher man guy

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