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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Homestudy out now I 600 A out!

Holt emailed me and said they have recieved our homestudy and now is the time to  get out our immigration packet- well duh!. I had to wait on a copy of my social workers liscense, i got that today and we are ready to roll. Grrrr my check for $830 is also rolling right on with it. At least adoption costs are sectioned out, and not all at once.... i average spending an extra $1,000 every other month. Coming up soon will be the dossier fee...ugh. But its all a sign of progress. What i am dreading more about is returning to school- both to teach and starting my PhD work. My ideal situation is to teach full time this last year (except after S arrives- then its FMLA leave time). Then the following shcool year work more on research/ teach part time. This way S can go to the half day Montessori and I can pick him up. We may do a homnecare situation here, should I have evening classes. I am way too much of a college i used to never be this way.

I still hope/wonder if we will get to court before the end of the year...its so very discouraging when i have yet to see any 2-trippers get thieir travel/court dates...i really do not want to doubt my agency- but i am just confused as to what is being done over in ET to push the 2-trippers court cases forward. Our agency really does focus on optimal care for thew children, i think the admin side of our staff is kinda underwater. Why are other agencies getting thier two-trippers out? Will HOLT still just focus on all the one-trippers who have to go pick up kids before they have 2-trippers go? This is the downside of such a huge agency, I fear.

In other news Gabe got a large package of books and a cd of all his pictures while in Ms. Ancone's class (4k and 5k monetssori)- it was so sweet. I hope Ms. Ancone has S. She is not your avegerage lovey-fuzzy kindergarden teacher, but i think thats what makes her class work so well. Shes all about establishing independence and routine at the same time.

Ok gotta get this bad boy in the mail and get some other work done. I think THURSDAY will be my Charlotte/ET lunch day :)


  1. Hey Autumn...
    Sam is about 33 inches (around 50% for height, he was not on the charts when he came home), and he is 22 pounds (still not on the charts for weight! Long and lean!

  2. thanks Megan.... my S is 27 pounds and 33 inches now...they are the same height! Excpet they say he is like 2 1/2, and most of his milestones are onthe younger side of two...interesting....
    we must get them together when we get settled!