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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mission of Charity Center- guinea pigs

Well it has come to my attention that we are possibly the 3rd or 4th family to be matched with a child from the Sister's Mission of Charity care Center. The first family has put in their request for a court date, but nothing yet. So no actual adoption has been completed from this center. We got an email today stating that there was a meeting with HOLT staff and those at the Mission Center last week, along with some evaluations. At this point HOLT -Eugene is waiting on the fed-ex package of pictures and documents. I hope and pray that by next week we have more pictures/evaluations on Little-Man S. In more interesting news, our adoption procedures will differ than the usual Holt families- in that our child will not be moved to the transition center. As per the guidelines of the Mission Center- children stay with them until everything is finalized. We will visit him there, and assume custody at this center, not at the HOLT center. So no Durame home visit (S is totally abandoned- know family is known)- and possibly no farewell ceremony, since we will not be at the HOLT Transition Center.  However, I am happy to be able to visit this historic place- it was opened by Mother Theresa, after all! I will be more than happy to take donations to this historic center, who also helps with the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ethiopia. Plus little-man S will be with those he knows best, in his comfortable surroundings- of course until we come and take him away from all he has ever known!!! (yikes- makes me feel so sad for him, but know its for the best).
Other news- we are still awaiting the ok from HOLT on our home-study to have it formalized and start our immigration process....ugh more paper work..more waiting...of course MORE MONEY!!
happy happy, joy joy

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  1. sounds like they are doing what is best for the kiddos in leaving them at MIssion Center. Sounds like S is being very well taken care of : )